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Prints Collection

The paintings in this collection are now available as high-quality, ready to hang prints.

These are made with permanent, archival inks on gallery-wrapped canvas.

A range of sizes is available from 8×8 inches up to 20×20 inches, with larger sizes for some images. The depth of the print is 1.5 inches, with the canvas stretched completely around the sides and the edges painted black.

These prints are suitable for hanging without a frame, though they may also be purchased with a black floater frame. This wood frame is 2 inches deep, 3/8 inch wide, and provides a simple, elegant setting for the print.

Click any image below to learn more.

“Teacup, Lemon, Sugar Cubes”
“Cherries and Silver”
“Orange, Knife, Teapot, Teacup”
“Lemon and Silver Spoon”
“Green Teapot with Oriental Rug”
“Vase and Blue Ribbon”
“Four Oranges”
“Red Apple No. 6”
“Creamer, Knife, Bread”
“Teacup and Lemon Slice”
“Chocolate and Foil”
“Red Cherries, Silver Cup”
“Pear, Waterglass, and Oriental Rug”
“Spoon, Earthenware Jar, and Wineglass”
“Cherries in Glass on Blue Silk”
“Sunday Finest”
“Nectarine and Creamer”
“Sneak Attack”
“Silver Spoon and Creamer”
“Pear, Olives, Knife, and Peach”
“Oranges, Silver, and Red Teapot”
“Creamer, Grapes, Tibetan Rug”
“Red Apple No. 4”
“Tangerine and Shotglass”
“Creamer, Bottle, and Pear”
“Teacup, Lemon, Silver”
“Blue Ribbon, Orange, and Silver”
“Copper and Garlic”
“Silver, Knife, Oil, and Lemon”
“Lime and Sliced Lemon”
“Tangerine, Knife, Shotglass”
“Outside Looking In”

I finish between 1 and 4 paintings every month, and show them to my subscribers first.  

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